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Sustainable Workspaces

The use of the Earth’s supplies is a big concern these days. With the growing awareness more and more people choose for sustainable and environment-friendly solutions in their everyday life. With the help of the products that energy companies provide, sustainability is becoming increasingly available in the home environment. But what about businesses?
The energy provider Eneco is in transition from commodity to service and is aiming to help not only home environments, but companies as well to become greener.
Altering one part of the customer journey is already a step ahead. The biggest communication point between Eneco and the customer is the energy invoice, which is unclear as it is at the moment, and the way of getting information about sustainability is complex. Let us discover how combining these two elements into an understandable product affects the sustainability level of entrepreneurs.

Commissioner: Eneco


Thierry Karsenmijer - Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences
Laura Karssen - University of Amsterdam
Rokas Raudonius - International School of Law and Business Lithuania
Antonia Varga - Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

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