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Graduating from the MediaLAB offers you limitless opportunities to grow your skills and develop your full potential in innovative interactive media . It is hands-on learning at its best, involving practice-based work with a touch of research. You’ll be part of a vibrant interdisciplinary group during a semester and enjoy unique exposure to a network of experts within the field.

Interested? Send in your motivation and portfolio / CV (in English) using this form and we will get in touch with you.

In your motivation we’re interested in hearing, for example: why you are interested in being part of this programme, how your past experience relates to the kind of work you would like to do at the MediaLab, what you feel you can contribute to a team, and how you think this programme will help you in your future endeavors, etc.

You will work in multidisciplinary teams guided by experts from the industry and the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. The team is a mix of designers, programmers, social/digital media experts, researchers, copywriters and storytellers. In twenty weeks (one semester) the team develops a working prototype in collaboration with the client. The team will be working 5 days a week in Studio HvA or at the client’s office. Within the program there will be time allocated for documentation or graduation requirements/thesis work. The program is in English and available to final year students or recent graduates from (Applied) Universities (please see conditions below).


  • Unless stated otherwise, MediaLAB only offers internship positions. Applications for regular, paid positions will NOT be considered.
  • You are willing and able to make a fulltime commitment for 20 weeks
  • Semesters start in the first week of February (spring semester) and the first week of September (fall semester). Please mention which semester you are applying for.
  • Applications should be done in English only.
  • Applications are open to EU applicants in the final year of their studies
  • All our interns receive a stipend of 350 euros.
  • Non-EU applicants are required to already have either a BA diploma, an MA diploma or be enrolled at a university. Alternatively, your home university should have an active relationship with the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences through an Erasmus (Mundus) exchange program. Please enquire with your international office.
  • Non-EU applicants are required to apply at least 2 months before the start of semester because of visa procedures etc. EU and NL applicants can apply up to 2 weeks before semester if positions are still available.
  • Non-EU applicants are required to prove their ability to support themselves financially throughout the semester (requirement for visa). This is set by the Dutch government to around € 1000,- per month that you are in the country, family members can also act as guarantors. You have to prove that you have these funds freely available in case of emergency.

Fur further questions you can always contact
Pavel van Deutekom: