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Marco van Hout about Design Transformation in ImpactBoom podcast

Tom Allen interviewed Marco van Hout in this Podcast where they talk about Design Transformation, Global Goals Jam, Emotional Design.

Want to understand how to tackle complex global challenges? Listen to this podcast!

Check out to find more podcasts with inspiring changemakers.

AUAS and UN connect cities of the world with the Global Goals Jam


#GlobalGoalsJam – 15 + 16 September 2017


MediaLAB Amsterdam, part of Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS), together with the United Nations (United Nations Development Programme) is organising the Global Goals Jam on 15 and 16 September. During this two-day international event, creative designers and makers in forty world cities will work towards a better world.


The initiative for this simultaneous event was taken by MediaLAB Amsterdam and it will be coordinated from this capital city. Input from students and companies is important for the success of the Jam. Many teams will be working on ideas to help achieve global goals for a sustainable world. Less talk, more action, is the maxim.


The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the human development agency of the United Nations (UN), drafted a worldwide sustainability agenda in 2015 out of which seventeen concrete goals were distilled. Achieving these goals would lead to a better world in 2030. During this Global Goals Jam five of these goals will be addressed. The designers must come up with suggestions to lessen poverty and hunger in the world. “Our partnership with MediaLAB Amsterdam in the Global Goals Jam facilitates a way to take real action”, according to Boaz Paldi, Global Engagement Manager of the UNDP. “People all over the world can see and learn from each other’s work, as well as provide inputs across borders to create a global design community for the Global Goals.”


Jam Kit

“The Global Goals Jam ensures AUAS and the UN have a really strong international network of designers and makers who are all digitally connected with each other”, says Marco van Hout, of MediaLAB Amsterdam and initiator of the Jam. “This year about 1200 people in forty cities will use the Jam Kit we have developed to help achieve the goals of the UN.” This so-called Global Goals Jam Kit is a kit that contains tools to help with design challenges. For example, there are exercises that guide designers in contemplating world problems.


International Meetings and Presentations

The best ideas and products from the Jams across the world will be presented to experts in disciplines associated with improving our world. They will also be presented during the Social Good Summit in September in New York City and at the EDIT design expo in September/October in Toronto.


The Global Goals Jam was initiated by MediaLAB Amsterdam, part of the Faculty of Digital Media and Creative Industries of AUAS.

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Finalists at the Crypto Design Challenge!!!

by Abdo

On Friday the 25th of November, Anna Bleakly and Abdelrahman Hassan of Medialab Amsterdam participated as finalists in the second edition of the Crypto-design Challenge, which was held at the Paradiso. The competition was posed to help reshape the dominant image of the deep web through design thinking and innovative solutions. 15 out of a total of 36 submissions were selected by a jury to participate in the final event.

MediaLab’s contribution:

Anna and Abdelrahman’s submission was titled ‘The Ustopic Web’ and relied on showing two extreme interpretations of the deep web, a utopic one and a dystopic one. The audience then followed the journey of a fictional Thai activist as she navigates both webverses. The audience is able to slide the screen and alternate between the two webverses, finding a Ustopic Balance (Atwood, 2011).

More information on the submission can be found at


The event:

-The Crypto Design Awards event included talks from prolific speakers such as Ingrid Burrington, Tijmen Schep, Constant Dullaart and Hendrick-Jan Grievink. The talks posed important questions about the nature of the deep web, privacy concerns and other social implications of poor design. Of the many critical themes discussed were:

-The dangers of a reputation economy

-The marketing and accessibility of cryptography.

-The relevance of natural language metaphors

-The internet as a semi-public, semi-private space, much like the balcony.

-The physicality and infrastructure of the web.

-Protocol design and web art.

More about the Design challenge can be found at

Invitation for Labfest 2017

We’re showcasing the work of 2016 and our plans for 2017 during Labfest. Please visit the expo and join us for a drink to discuss the impact of tech & design in society.


Register here

We are Hiring for upcoming semester!

While the current projects are drawing to a close, we are already looking for new creative interns for the next semester! Do you want to work for real clients in an interdisciplinary and international team? Apply via

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Launching the new website of the Business method toolkit!!!

We are very happy to announce that the new website for the Business method toolkit is now available here!

Start and grow your own business. Develop a strategy and create impact with the Business method toolkit – a curated collection of more than 25 business methods perfect for lean, agile environments and multidisciplinary teams.

The methods divided into five categories build a fundamental knowledge to create a business. Indications on time, requirements and benefits to help plan and to chose the perfect method. Define a strategy, monitor impact and validate insights for your startup or existing business.

The methods form a common language in multidisciplinary, multicultural teams and projects. Share, translate, document and validate insights. The toolkit inspires to think beyond the usual methods, it helps monitoring processes and makes them transparent. Detailed task descriptions help to divide and assign tasks between team members.

The physical versions of the Business method toolkit and the Design method toolkit are also available to order here.


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