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MediaLAB Amsterdam is always interested in meet and greet new partners, whereas great relationships with committed project partners are crucial to depth of our students learning. Its focus is to stimulate and strengthen innovative projects by sharing knowledge for future projects. MediaLAB Amsterdam works with various assigners that bring in Media & ICT related problems, challenges, ideas or innovation issues.
During the project the MediaLAB brings in a network out of the Amsterdam based creative industries. Working with creative entrepreneurs, coders, designers gives the MediaLAB the opportunity to bring skills and knowledge to guarantee working prototypes, giving the assigner the opportunity to take the working prototypes into production.

Institutions that have collaborated with us: MediaCollege Amsterdam Pakhuis de Zwijger Setup Utrecht  University of Amsterdam, New Media University of Utrecht, New Media and Digital Culture Virtueel Platform Creative industry partners that have collaborated with us: Captain Video | Design and Video Production Company Jan Rothuizen Jan Scholte - Beeld en Aktie Starting Point - Building Apps & Sites Escapation - Visual Collective Keyframe Productions - Camera & Editing Scriptdesk - Scriptwriting & editing - Interactive Art Screen network Martijn Walraven Silvio Lorusso - Graphic Design & Web Development Roberto Picerno - Graphic Design & Web Development Katja van Stiphout - Graphic Design TrouwAmsterdam - Club Fiber Festival - Audiovisual Network Festival Matthias Oostrik - Interaction Designer Arne Boon - Interactive Media Technologies Guest lecturers: Robbert Ritmeester Charlie Mulholland Bas Leurs Our international students come from: India Morroco Japan Italy Germany France Portugal Spain Austria Poland