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Green Grid

It is estimated that the number of electric vehicles (EVs) will increase up to one million in 2020. This is a great development towards a greener future, but it also brings some side effects. With one million electric cars charging every day at peak times, a lot of power is requested from the grid. Vehicle to Grid is one of the newest technologies which could help stabilize the grid!  With this technology electric car batteries can be used as temporary storage, hence  can not only charge, but also give energy back to the grid. The missing link  is a service for EV users that will stimulate them into using Vehicle-to-Grid. For this project we developed Greengrid a hybrid mobile app that will help EV users to overcome their fears and encourage them to start using Vehicle-to-Grid.


Coach: Felipe Escobar Vega – MediaLAB Amsterdam

Partners: Cofely, Alliander, Mitsubishi, Amsterdam Smart City

Thanks to: Pico van Heemstra

Commissioner: Cofely


Paolo Di Labio - Politecnico di Torino
Linda Zieverink - University of Amsterdam
Anna Hornberger - TU Delft

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