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DataVrij is a turn based board game that helps Dutch families explore the social en technical implications, of personal data as a currency in online environments, on their daily lives.The setting is a board game with a dice (turn based) where the families can come onto different tiles where they get asked for their personal data, or they get a reward instantly (like a secret passage). The genre of the game is digital board game. What sets this project apart, are the three different benefits the families get from playing DataVrij:

–       The game helps them becoming aware of how often they get asked for their personal data and how often families give this information away (for incentives).

–       The game creates an educational moment for parents, which they can use for instructing their children on how to be safe (in the parents own opinion) on the Internet when it comes to their personal data.

–       The game will help family members form their own opinions on the matter and it will help them to start thinking about this subject in their daily lives.


Time Flies AMS

Waiting is a necessary part of travel, often unpleasant and boring, rarely worth the while. Going through security service is a part of the travellers journey through the airport. Oftentimes the travellers have to wait in the waiting area before security. These waits are mostly perceived negatively, in spite of efforts to decrease waiting time and increase efficiency.

Coach: Marco van Hout

Partner: Schiphol

Research partner: Schiphol – TU Delft – Hogeschool Utrecht

AIM Space Challenge

Space missions are fascinating, but they’re also very complex, take a huge effort and an enormous amount of time. How can we involve a broader audience in this interesting process, in collaboration with the European Space Agency (ESA)?

We have developed an informative and playful mobile tycoon game called AIM Space Challenge. The game portrays a breakdown of ESA’s proposed space mission AIM (Asteroid Impact Mission). The objective of the game is to build your own Space Centre and perform missions related to it.

More information about AIM and how to download the game can be found at ESA’s website.