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Time Flies AMS

Waiting is a necessary part of travel, often unpleasant and boring, rarely worth the while. Going through security service is a part of the travellers journey through the airport. Oftentimes the travellers have to wait in the waiting area before security. These waits are mostly perceived negatively, in spite of efforts to decrease waiting time and increase efficiency.

Coach: Marco van Hout

Partner: Schiphol

Research partner: Schiphol – TU Delft – Hogeschool Utrecht

Commissioner: Schiphol

With the support of: Hogeschool Utrecht


Signe Jørnung Wellendorph - Copenhagen School of Design and Technology
Masaki Goda - Kyushu University
Lizza Kempe - University of applied science Utrecht
Mark Wong - University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam
Myrthe Koops - University of applied science Utrecht

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