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Lorenzo Positano (IT)

I’m Lorenzo, an italian designer from Milano. I’m specialized in data visualization: I love when graphs and numbers get humanized to simplify the complexity of the society. I see myself as a problem solver on top of being a graphic designer. I love hiking and I am an LGBT activist.


This project revolved around virtual reality and biofeedback. Our assignment was to connect VR and sensors so that our computational model could use biofeedback to change the environment according to the emotional data. Therefore, we researched emotions, sensors and exposure therapy.

The result is a virtual reality underwater environment made in Unity. A shark will circle the player and will come closer according to the heart rate data recorded with the Mio Link heart rate monitor.

This product can be used in virtual reality exposure therapy to help patients who suffer from underwater phobias. This setup can be transferred to other user cases by merely creating a new environment and a specific phobia stimulus.

Maylis Mulderij (NL)

I’m a student at the University of Amsterdam where I am currently studying Media and Culture. I specialized in New Media because it gives me inspiration to keep developing and improving. New media change the world we live in and the way we connect. I’m hoping to find out more about the possibilities during our work on Data Driven Innovation!

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