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Data Driven Innovation

OOPS comes from the unpredictability of live streaming. It is a new live streaming platform, momentarily based on cooking but applicable to other areas as well. The platform offers new ways of interaction between users and streamers and builds on personalization, liveness and sense of belonging. With these new features, new data is created. Companies working with this platform can collect this new data to be able to offer a better experience to their customers and new commercial opportunities with external partners. The platform is applicable to other areas other than cooking, such as online courses, entertaining, or tutorials.

We got to OOPS platform after five months of research in collaboration with the companies ExMachina and Angry Bytes, focusing and investigating on new commercial opportunities using data collected from second screen apps, live streaming videos and a live stream of data in general. The aim of the project was to develop one or more ‘live’ data based media concepts that can strengthen or even replace video. We had to discover which new interactions we can create during live programming (in a stadium or streaming) that creates new (commercially interesting) data on the viewers. #DATASS team chose to resize the research to live streaming for influencers and the interactions with their followers. We focus on the unique person and not in a marketing persona.

Commissioner: Ex Machina

With the support of: Angry Bytes


Maylis Mulderij - University of Amsterdam
Lorenzo Positano- Politecnico di Milano
Nerea Zabalo
Rotem Mark

Evelien Christiaanse (coach) - Hogeschool van Amsterdam
Wouter Groot (coach) - Hogeschool van Amsterdam

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