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Future of TV

Imagine a friday afternoon in your favourite bar. Suddenly, the crowd lights up in smile and laughter. On their wrists a bracelet glows orange. You realise Team NL has won another Olympic medal! Hereby the introduction of “the Oglow”: a connected bracelet that impacts all sports fans on a national level with real-time glow during important Olympic moments.

As new smartphones, tablets and wearables enter our lives at high speed (providing functionalities that give us all the content we want at any time), the Oglow takes these functionalities to the next level. The Oglow is a smart bracelet that creates a new watching experience by giving information that enhances the feeling of supporting the athletes together. Through a connection with your smartphone the Oglow provides easy and quick access to real time updates as well as live and social content on the Olympic events.

By wearing the Oglow you show your support to the Dutch team in Rio. It will improve the experience of watching the Olympics as it involves you in the big moments you don’t want to miss.



Connected Collecting is a Smart TV app that makes your World Cup sticker album digital. A second screen app scans and uploads your stickers to the Smart TV app. By collecting digital sticker of the players, the user can trade stickers and unlock exclusive content. The unlocked videos contain football tricks that inspire the users to become better players.

The Widget Company (TWC) commissions this project, they are the European leaders in development for Smart TV applications. This concept is a proposal that takes the advantages of the Connected TV to create a convergent environment and engage the user.