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Women’s Safety (India)

Sexual harassment in India is a complex social issue. Seven out of ten women have experienced sexual harassment, but ninety per cent of those cases are not reported, according to an online survey done by a national Indian newspaper. This in turn contributes to a big gap of data on the issue, rendering it invisible and thereby deepening the silence around it.

How to break this vicious cycle?

Convers[t]ation is an electronic panel, which could be installed in public transport hubs where women can quickly and anonymously report cases of sexual harassment. The data collected by the panel will flow into a transparent repository, from where it will be fed back via summary reports to institutions and via data visualizations on a big public screen to the general public.

Thus, we aim to facilitate reporting, and collect data on sexual harassment. By encouraging women to share their experience, we hope to spark conversations around it and break the stifling silences that surround this critical issue.

Project Coach: Sruthi Krishnan at Fields of View, Bangalore

Contact person MediaLAB: Loes Bogers

Women’s Safety (NL)

By using the powerful relationships between scent & emotion, and confidence through embodiment, PosturAroma helps women feel safer by enhancing their posture. By sensing the angle of the back and using scent as trigger, the user is reminded to keep her head up, and straighten her back when stepping into the world. Walk proud to feel confident, look confident, be safe.

PosturAroma received the Best Design Case Award at the 9th International Conference on Design & Emotion themed “Colors of Care”  held in Bogotá, Colombia in Oct 2014.

Contact person: project coach Loes Bogers



Daksh Varshneya (IN)

Daksh Varshneya is currently pursuing his Integrated Masters degree in Information Technology from IIIT-B. Currently in his second year, he is excited to work at Fields of View with the aim of broadening his horizon and learning new skills apart from his IT curriculum. He enjoys working on computer graphics and GUI based programming. In his free time, he engages himself in playing guitar and sports like cricket and badminton.