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Upcoming Project and Clients September 2013

Panic Button

Client: Fields of View (Indian students) / Cisco / Hogeschool van Amsterdam-Creative Industries

Focus: How can we increase the objective and subjective safety of women in public space using an accessory they can easily carry around on a daily basis?

Looking for: researchers, interaction designers, product designers, anthropologists and urban planners from The Netherlands and India.



Project Rio – The Future Now

Client: TWC

Focus: How can the virtual experience of sport events you watch at home be enriched by the possibilities of connected devices?

Looking for: interaction designers, researchers, app developers, visual designers, marketeers, television/ media culture researchers and programmers.



Client: Kijkradio

Focus: How can we embed serious games in elementary education to foster media literacy?

Looking for: researchers, programmers, game designers/ developers, interaction designers, (applied) education scientists, and applied psychologists

Games 4 Health

Client: Play the City

Focus: How can we stimulate healthy behavior by combining QS data with game elements?

Looking for: programmers, interaction designers, app developers, health scientists and applied psychologists.





Hybrid City

Client: Designthinkersgroup

Focus: How can we uncover the digital and physical network of creative industries in Amsterdam and develop innovative means to make them available to young creative professionals?

Looking for: interaction designers, programmers, researchers, data visualization specialists, urban planners and architects.


Selection procedure

Students can apply here. Upload your CV, portfolio and motivation before June 28th.