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by the Smart Eyewear team

The Port of Amsterdam, one of the largest ports in Europe, covers an area of roughly 2.600 hectares, of which approximately 1.900 hectares is public space. The port outsources the actual maintenance to third party contractors. To guarantee a constant quality level, the company monitors the work of these contractors. It is in these processes that Gradr introduces smart eyewear in combination with a management platform to effectively ensure the desired quality.
The Port of Amsterdam has many responsibilities in Westpoort, the largest connected business and port area of the Netherlands. These responsibilities include the maintenance of the 13km2 of public space in Westpoort.

The Port of Amsterdam hires different contractors to keep the area clean and safe. To make sure the companies keep doing their work properly, employees of the Port of Amsterdam conduct quality assessments on a monthly basis. These assessments are conducted on 125 randomly selected locations in Westport, which is a complex and time consuming process.

Gradr is designed to optimise and innovate the assessment processes of the public space in Amsterdam Westpoort using Google Glass. The toolkit consists of a Google Glass application and an iPad optimised web platform. The web platform helps with organising the quality assessments and assists the user when navigating through the public space. The quality assessments are conducted using Google Glass and a context aware checklist, while looking at the public space.

Coach: Tamara Pinos Cisneros

Commissioner: Port of Amsterdam


José Carlos Quintas Jr - Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina
Marvin Straathof - University of Amsterdam
Sanjay Twisk - Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences

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