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ಕಾಸು-ಕಸ / ₹ubbish!

Recently, the local governance bodies in Bangalore came up with a decentralized plan to tackle the waste management crisis in the city.

Dry Waste Collection Centers (DWCCs) are being set up in every ward to implement this decentralized system. With the courts ordering landfills to be closed, it becomes imperative for this decentralized plan to succeed. Will it?

‘ಕಾಸು-ಕಸ / ₹ubbish!’ is a game that drops you in the middle of this unfolding situation. You play the role of a DWCC manager and experience firsthand the complexities and demands of the job. You have to grapple with the bigger picture too – the push and pull of the economy and the environment.

A board game for 4-6 players that supports both Kannada and English, ‘ಕಾಸು-ಕಸ / ₹ubbish!’ challenges you to tackle Bangalore’s waste crisis. Will you ensure a clean city before the landfill overflows?

‘ಕಾಸು-ಕಸ / ₹ubbish!’ was developed as a collaboration between Fields of View, Bangalore; IIIT-Bangalore; MediaLAB Amsterdam and CISCO.

Video credits:
Camera: Bauke Bakker & Sandro Miccoli
Voice over: Sruthi Krishnan

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Commissioner: Cisco


Pawan Dhananjay Tanmayee Narendra Sandro Miccoli Sieta van Horck Sruthi Krishnan (Project Manager)

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