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Due to climate change, extreme rainfall events will occur more in Amsterdam in the future. At the moment, Amsterdam’s citizens are not aware about the damage these extreme events could cause. Because water management during these events asks for a shared responsibility, the tragedy of the commons implies on this issue.

In this research, the influence of gamification and persuasive design on the citizen’s awareness will be investigated by testing the game Heroes of Rain. Before the game, a survey has been carried out, which has been compared with the experiences of testing the game. While testing the game, it was noticed that the players started a conversation and their awareness increased. This corresponds with the theory that information exchange raises awareness because games need to apply on real life situations.

Commissioner: Amsterdam Rainproof


Jeffrey Gyamfi - Amsterdam University of Applied Science
Dymphie Burger - VU University Amsterdam
Almar Mulder - Amsterdam University of Applied Science
Irati Sancho - Mondragon Unibertsitatea

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