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KLM – Data Lighting

KLM’s Data center is 24 years old. The lighting systems are aged and outdated. Hence, there arises a need to create a smart yet sustainable lighting in accordance to the preference of the end users. Addressing this issue, we created a web application consisting of the Generator and the Circularity Passport. The Generator gives a solution for the suitable lighting system according to the desire of the users whereas the Circularity Passport displays how the produced solution can be reclaimed.

The prototype for the Generator and Circularity Passport can be found here.


Jordano Da Silva Piloto - NHL Hogeschool
Shogo Takahashi - Kyushu University
Aparna Udayasuriyan - Université Francois Rabelais
Maria Alejandra Sarria Vidal - University of Los Andes
Amanda Herders - Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
Gijs Gootjes (coach) - MediaLAB Amsterdam

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