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Ghost of Tito

The Yugoslavian wars of the 1990’s have left lasting scars on the region. More than 20 years after the end of the conflict, the atmosphere in Yugoslavia’s successor states remains one of mutually excluding truths and the fragmentation of society. Despite various transitional justice activities and the successes of the ICTY, dealing with the past continues to be a sensitive subject in this region. Its inhabitants tend to self-censor or to develop nationalistic mindsets that impede their ability to engage in critical (self-) reflection and discussion. Humor, which has historically played an important role in Yugoslavia, is the one binding factor. Everyone knows and loves the jokes about Mujo & Haso, the lazy Montenegrins and the cheap Slovenes. This is why we, MediaLab’s Post-Conflict Mind Check team, created The Ghost of Tito game. We believe this game can be a valuable reflective tool. By combining humor with historical and cultural references, the game enables its users to confront complex social issues that they find hard to address in a direct way.

Commissioner: Creative Court


Jennifer Lamphere - University of Amsterdam
Jon Jonoski - University of Amsterdam
Liliana Zambrano - Universidad Industrial de Santander

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