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Games 4 Amnesty

Mr Powerful is a game that let students experience, in a playful way, how Amnesty International takes action against the violation of Freedom of Speech and persuade students to contribute to this cause.

In the game you play the oppressor who violates Human Rights and is therefore criticised by different channels. As a player you therefor experience the rising pressure. It is up to you to withstand the pressure and remain calm.

The game consists of three mini- games. Each mini-game stands for a different kind of pressure. It is either the pressure of the media, the pressure of petitions or the pressure of a protest. If you lose a mini-game there will be extra stress added on your stress-bar. When you succeed, you get no extra stress. When your stressbar reached the maximum, the game as Mr Powerful stops. Now you can choose to Play Again or Unlock a New Character. Once the new character is unlocked, you experience your real powers. Curious what that is? Play the game!

Contact person: project coach Loes Bogers



Commissioner: Amnesty Nederland


Lisa Maier
Fay Gramberg
Rob Boerman
Radoslav Gulekov

Loes Bogers - MediaLAB Amsterdam
Martijn Kors - Lectoraat Games & Play, HvA
Menno Deen - Lectoraat Games & Play, HvA
Geert Hagelaar - Illustrator
Rob Tieben - Idee Brouwerij
Paul Bierhaus - Yip Yip
Marcel Bloemendaal - Yip Yip
Roland van Veen - Amnesty Nederland
Prasand Baidjnath Misier- Amnesty Nederland
Elke Kuijpers - Amnesty Nederland
Juke Fluitsma - Amnesty Nederland
Bert Menting - Amnesty Nederland
Bert Achterkamp - Amnesty Nederland
Maarten Beckers - Amnesty Nederland
Suzanne Fennema - Amnesty Nederland
Bart van Kuijk - Amnesty Nederland
Nick Boshuijer - Music production

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