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Bree Tahapary

Concept development & content manager in augmented reality-project Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam


The augmented reality tour concept incorporates digital and analog means to create an augmented reality experience. At the beginning of the tour the user picks up a booklet at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. To keep one hand free, a design has been made that incorporates a smartphone. The phone shows a drawing map made by Jan Rothuizen and your current position on the map. The user can then walk through the map and give feedback to this text by writing and drawing on the pages of the book. The booklet will be returned to the museum so the comments are seen by further visitors.


This project shows to Libelle how a Transmedia project works. This is done by a pilot of a daily online drama series. Our pilot contains three episodes of the daily online drama series and all the website content that is needed in the pilot. This will shows explains how the Transmedia project for Libelle will work.