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Hanae Nagayasu (JP)

I’m a 21 years old student of Kyushu university. My major is industrial design. I’m tying to create something new products for improving the quality of life of the people. I also interested in taking photograph and drawing pictures and dancing.

Tomoko Kobayashi (JP)

I’m a student of Kyushu University and major in visual communication design.

I’m very interested in my country’s traditional arts and crafts and would like to make them sustainable by design. Through many trials and errors, I want to improve my ability.

Aparna Udayasuriyan (IN)

An Architect and Urban planning Researcher by profession. More of a doer- I cook, I travel, I paint and I never know what’s on my list next. I believe in being defined by these verbs rather than a noun.

the time has come to give the #digitalsocietyschool an official presence in the social media world: we are changing our appearance 💇‍♂️! for all updates on our activities you can just stick around, but our handle changes to @DSSAmsterdam #community

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