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Emistime is a cloud based system built for businesses with a mobile workforce. It makes the exchange of information between the worker on site and the back office a seamless process by offering a new medium for end to end communication. Using intelligent wearables like Google Glass, employees can have relevant information for their work available hands free – ensuring no jobs are left undone.


Contact person: Marco van Hout

Smart Cities

Grüt is a sensor kit that helps children grow their own crops, with sensors that measure conditions that are critically for a plant to grow well. The information is sent to an online platform that provides feedback to the children, in the form of a virtual avatar representing the plant. It allows children to grow their own crops in a fun and interactive way, and learn about the value of food as they grow it themselves.

Contact person: Gijs Gootjes 

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3D Fashion

Although technology has now made its appearance in fashion, the way of presenting collections remained unchanged since 1885. Using 3D fashion design software, materials and designs can be simulated realistically. Due to this, designers can present their 3D collection in a virtual environment and produce the garments on demand afterwards. Second Sight is an example of how a fashion show of the future could look like utilizing 3D design software as inspiration.

Second Sight is the first live virtual fashion show!

Download here Second Sight for the Android.

Contact person: Margreet Riphagen