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Time Flies JP


Parents are often stressed and anxious while navigating the airport. They are confused about where they need to go, what they have to do and if they have enough time. On top of this they are afraid their child will run away or bother others. To solve this we designed a new playful way finding system aimed at kids, to let children help their parents navigate the airport in a fun and intuitive way.

Partner: Kyushu University (Japan)


Prof. Yasuyuki Hirai

Tokushu Inamura

Shinichiro Ito

Commissioner: Fukuoka Airport Building

Workspaces2020 JP

Nico-chan is a wearable with a tamagotchi-like app that acts like a digital companion for employees, and suggests social tasks colleagues can perform when they meet each other. The employee can indicate whether these have been performed, and if so Nico-chan becomes happy and rewards the employee with items he/she can collect. It is designed to facilitate open and friendly communication in the Japanese workspace, by creating more social and informal habits that are not usual in Japanese office environments. We hope that by encouraging these social habits we can create a more open & friendly office environment where employees more openly communicate with each other, facilitating the exchange of knowledge between all employees, regardless of title or age.

Coach: Marco van Hout – MediaLAB Amsterdam // Hiroshi Tamura – Re-Public (Japan)

Partner: Innovation Studio Fukuoka

Research partner: Dr. Yasuyuki Hirai – Kyushu University (Japan)