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Games 4 Therapy

Keep It! Is an iPhone application, that attempts to in a playful way fight against harmful thoughts of people that are recovering from a psychosis, in situations with lots of stimuli.

The application helps the users to structure their thoughts, creating a mind map, and tries to re-orientate the user on a more positive/healthy way of thinking by providing him questions and messages that he can answer writing a note, or just thinking about it. The mood and intensity of the thought (pattern) that is bothering the user is actively portrayed in the interface of the app in order to make the actual process more playful; the user needs to make a color bar, that is representing the bothering thought, disappear from the back of the screen.

Keep It! Is an application in development. The usability still requires further collaboration with mental health professionals. The project has been created by designers and any of the assumptions that the project proposes should be taken only as ideas to be tested.

Contact person: project coach Marco van Hout

Susana Passinhas (PT)

I’m an Interaction Designer from Portugal, finishing a Master Degree in Design and Multimedia. I have worked as a Web Designer for the past years and enjoys the process of developing new concepts. I like the technological part of it, but also when it involves working with raw materials.

Matías Daporta Gonzalez (SP)

I studied dance, theatre and filmmaking and also fashion design. Our encounters are not only physical or human , but also virtual. Social media, video games, the audiovisual montage proposes new ways to emphatize. What technology is socially creating became the path trough with rethink the social encounter in the theatre.