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Training SCREAM!

Design with SCREAM!

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Recently we received a lot of requests for training with the Design Method Toolkit. We’ve created a 1 day training for organizations that would like to understand design processes and learn how to implement this within their company.

It’s a Design Course on Effectively Balancing Research and Creation in Multidisciplinary Design Projects

In an ideal design process there is a constant flow between researching and creating. SCREAM! facilitates this flow with a structured ‘common language’ for design teams.

MediaLAB Amsterdam’s SCREAM! approach enables multidisciplinary design teams to get started and enrich the design process. SCREAM! is introduced in combination with a Design Method Toolkit, that will enable you to plan and execute design research and create impactful designs within short iterations.



What are the take-aways
Professionals and practitioners that work in teams in the creative industries will benefit from this dynamic and highly interactive course.

You will learn how to plan, execute and frame design objectives. After this course you will also be able to translate results from research and research through design into valuable insights to formulate criteria.

You will learn how to increase the performance of multidisciplinary design teams and you will understand how creativity and efficiency can go hand in hand.

  • Work with templates specifically to plan, translate and execute design methods
  • Work with a comprehensive Design Method Toolkit with a curated set of methods
  • You will learn how to:
    Get to know your user
    Define intentions and objectives
    Frame insights
    Generate ideas and concepts
    Test and reframe objectives
  • Combine agile and creative

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Curriculum and course content
In this course, you will experience a SCREAM! Sprint, work with MediaLAB’s Design Method Toolkit and be challenged to use new methods, structure your creative process and learn how you can break down your goals into small steps that are grounded in validated design methods.

About MediaLAB Amsterdam

MediaLAB Amsterdam uses a combination of an iterative design cycle and the Scrum process in order to foster both the creative process and enforce teams to work structured and goal oriented. This has proven to be a powerful combination for the multidisciplinary design teams that work on projects in the lab-context that we provide.

The MediaLAB Amsterdam design process is a problem solving method that helps create and evaluate solutions in response to challenges. In the process MediaLAB intends to evoke real curiosity in order to make teams highly motivated to find answers and solutions. This involves lots of iterations, making, prototyping, going out on field studies and test each idea, concept or prototype with actual users.


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