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Visiting Beamlab

With a group of students we’ve visited Beamlab in Pakhuis de Zwijger, where creators of interactive installations presented their works.
Beamlab - interactive

A wide range of projects were introduced. Students and researchers of Create-IT showcased how you can rethink physical interfaces by using a MakeyMakey. Sander Veenhof showed some of his Augmented Reality artworks, Paulien Drescher from the Medialab of Cinekid showed some previous works they launched at Cinekid and invited students and artists to send in monkeyproof installations for kids.

Kleurbleur gave a live performance of their installation the LightPiano. It is an unique melt of videomapping and classical music consisting out of 54 video mapped cubes linked to the keys of a piano.
Beamlab - interactive

See you at the next beamlab!