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for all your building materials, timber and sheet


Linda Janssen
Sabrina Doornekamp
Jelmar van Voorst
Aishwarya Babu

Commissioner: STIHO


Stiho is a supplier of construction, wood and plate materials. Costumers of Stiho are construction companies active in building, renovation and the development of small new building projects. Craftsmanship and knowledge about product and application modes are disappearing rapidly in the Dutch construction industry. Ageing is the main reason for this development. The loss of knowledge and skills is already causing problems in maintaining the quality of project in this industry. The question is how these skills and knowledge can be preserved and circulated to future generations through digital storytelling? The target group that Stiho wants to reach consists of construction companies active in building, renovation and the development of small new building projects. The media application that has to be developed must make this knowledge accessible to craftsmen at the ‘Stiho-building square’ (together with the Giebels formula) and at building locations.

Finishing up the research

The main objective of this week was finishing up the research. We delivered the first version of the research document. A second thing we had to do was give two presentations. The first was for the other MediaLAB students and the second was for the assigner. We presented our methods and findings.

Research Document [08-03-13]: Final_Research_document


A total view of the whole process:

We had an appointment with Andries from Makita who is one of the suppliers for STIHO. And a second thing we did was driving with Andre, one of the sales representatives for STIHO. Sabrina drove to different work locations to speak with different contractors and gain more insights on their tasks and responsibilities.

Aishwarya clustering the insights

Also we designed some graphics for in the research document which makes our story more clear.

The outcome of our research was represented by different insights, personas, journey maps and a stakeholder & touchpoint map.

Journey Maps


Stakeholder & Touchpoint Map

The assigner Bruno Giebels was very pleased with the result we deliverd on friday. He loved the presentation and we had a good and useful discussion at the end which will help us in the concept phase.

On wednesday we had an preparation workshop for the concept phase by Charlie Mulholland. We’ve mapped which different stakeholders are involved in our project and have taken a closer look at how they see the problem. This was done via different tools and methods. An important insight with regards to the stakeholders was that people who hire contractors and also foreign construction companies may be indirectly impacted by the outcome of our concept.

The upcoming two weeks will be devoted to developing three different concepts and will involve loads of brainstorming and idea generation.

Capturing the STIHO Service

Data gathering

Our work this week was predominantly gathering data. We had interviews with the STIHO employees at the bouwplein in Amstel. All these interviews were transcribed and are being carefully looked at. When interviewing the employees we also asked them to fill in their work routine on paper (see the picture below).

With this input we got a clearer perspective on what the tasks and responsibilities of the the employee are. Also we gained more knowledge about what kind of questions clients ask and how STIHO responds to them. We now have a lot of quotes, pictures and interesting stuff!


A second fun thing we did this week was visiting the BeamLab at Pakhuys de Zwijger in Amsterdam. More information can be found here:

A little impression:

Light piano

Also very important

Sabrina purchased a new love! Bought at the STIHO Bouwplein. You can see how happy she is.


In next week, we have a meeting with a contractor and a supplier, and we are going to visit construction sites at which STIHO is going to deliver supplies. When we combine all this data we are going to start forming insights, making personas and start working on the service map so we have a better overview of the whole process.

What’s the plan?

We’ve set the ball rolling. At the start we visited the assigner, Bruno Giebels, innovation manager and our contact person at STIHO. This meeting answered a lot of question for us regarding the project. Who are the stakeholders? What is STIHO already doing with respect to the learning process? Who are the STIHO employees? Who are the clients?

After this meeting, we combined all this new data with our own experiences and thoughts, and formed a mindmap to get an overview of all the collected data.

In the next step, we converted this mindmap into a infographic which you can see below.

A third important accomplishment this week was the development of our research plan. This plan is divided into two sections, the gathering of data and then analysing all this data.

Data gathering consists of three parts:

–       Observations

–       Semi-structured Interviews

–       Desk Research

Subsequently, we are going to process this data in the following sections:

–       Customer Journey Map

–       Stakeholder Map

–       Touchpoint Map

The goal of this research is to create an overview of the whole process, to know who the stakeholders are, what their tasks and relationships are and consequently give our concept a form.

In the next week, we’re going to perform the research at the STIHO Bouwplein in Amsterdam and start gaining new insights for the concept phase.

To give an impression of our whole planning:

User Scene

The assignment received was to create a user scene of our user. In this video experts talk about their profession, education and specialties. It is important to keep in mind that this is just one group of the many stakeholders in the project.

We chose this form so that we could get a clear idea about who the users are and what the ‘STIHO Bouwmarkt’ exactly is.