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Data Driven Innovation project (aka #DATASS)



Creative director


Dataviz and graphic designer


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Media researcher


Every day the (Dutch) media is confronted with the huge impact of increasing digitization and datafication on the industry.  The transition from analogue (broadcast) to digital (Over the Top) networks means that people can watch video at any desired moment from every desired device and enables companies to truly interact with the viewers. These interactions produce data. These data could be used to learn more about the viewer or produce new sorts of services, however these opportunities often remain unused or pushed to the backburner. The challenge for us is to Develop one or more ‘live’ data based media concepts that can strengthen or even replace video. Discover which new interactions we can create during live programming (in a stadium or streaming) that creates new (commercially interesting) data on the viewers.

Sprint 1 // Google Form questionnaire

// Introduction

To go deep in the user understanding, we wanted to question people about their online habits, especially regarding:

  • Networking and group belonging
  • Data and privacy policy
  • Personalization of the online experience

That’s why we created a Google Form to share among our friends and colleagues.

// Process

We first wrote down many questions, more than we needed. After laying out the form on Google, we realized that it was too long and some questions were superfluous. Therefore we scaled down to 30 questions in 4 sections, in 15 minutes. And then… share to everyone!

Datass Sprint1 Google Form

Big competition between the Netherlands and Italy. Sorry Spain and Israel 😉


// Findings

These are some of the questions we asked.

Datass Sprint1 Google Form


  1. How do you access to social networks?
  2. Situations where use a particular social network
  3. Do you accept strangers on social networks? If yes, why?
  4. Frequency of usage
  5. Pages you follow
  6. Do you think that social media have somehow affected your relationships and networks?

Datass Sprint1 Google Form

Data usage and privacy policy

  1. What personal data are you MOST and LESS willing to give?
  2. Do you use social login?
  3. Opinion regarding some common data usage
  4. Do you read the privacy policy before accepting a new service?
  5. Do you know that when you use an app, you produce new data like what you click, geolocation and time of usage?
  6. Would you be okay if the company uses those data you created when using the app?
  7. Would you like to be able to adjust the data you share or create?
  8. Would you like to have more insights in the data that companies have of me?

Datass Sprint1 Google Form


  1. Examples of personalized service you use
  2. Do you prefer a standard (no data needed) or personalized service (data requested)?
  3. Do you know what AdBlock is?
  4. Opinions regarding online personalization
  5. When you incur in a new personalized experience (like a suggestion of the book you might like, a personalized advertisement, …) you feel…

The dataset

You can take a look at the dataset here.

Datass Sprint1 Google Form Dataset



Datass Sprint1 Google Form Process

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