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A full week to work

This week marks the first time that we are able to work on the energy project 5 days of the week. Monday and Tuesday we continued research. This research was concluded on Wednesday

On this same day we also showed our result to our coach Felipe and Michiel, another student working on a similar project.

After all the desk research it was time for some field research. Thursday morning Barbara and I went to an Energy Breakfast. This is a breakfast/meeting organised by 02025.  They organise this event every 2 weeks and discuss different topics on clean energy. This is our gateway to get contact with people and even recruit them for our project.

On friday Barbara and I were sick. Besides on working on their personal goals, Nour and Jake went to an Amsterdam Smart City event to meet more of these 1%. They also went to Bloom, an event about AR which was with the whole medialab as a small fun event.

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