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Is there such thing as “too well”?

So, last week was our first sprint review, and it’s a little worrisome that it went too well. The presentation went great, partners were impressed, we were happy with the outcome, but then, that’s not always a good thing and here’s why:

  1. Are we going to be able to keep up with the standard we set? (which btw, is too hard to maintain every sprint)
  2. The partners now want to be more involved in the project

That is mostly the highlight of the past couple of weeks. Oh, and the fact that the studio pipes froze (lol) and we weren’t allowed to stay there for perhaps 4 days. It was really difficult to focus on work outside of the office, everything is a distraction.

We had a team retrospective, where we all sit together and discuss how it went during the last sprint, some of the positive insights were:

  • Supportive team
  • Comfortable & honest communication
  • Motivated

As for the negative insights, they were mostly workflow related:

  • Lack of focus sometimes
  • Too much humor
  • Lack of time planning

This week we’re back at sprint 2! Excited, scared, and most of all, no idea what to expect next or where this is taking us!

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