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Time to get down: the first sprint!

Research research research!

This week we finally get to know more about our topic, and because it was still a bit vague – or at least that’s how we felt – we needed to conduct a lot of research. It’s a bit different than what we’ve been doing, because we’re sitting at our desks more often than we did the past two weeks. But that makes sense, right? We started the week by spending some time with our coach discussing our team contracts and personal goals. It’s funny and kind of cool that all our goals are skills a team member already possess, so if we ever get stuck well, we have each other.

Some highlights of the week…


Weekly Lunch

Team Here & There cooked this week’s lunch, and it was wonderful. Joao gave the recipe of a Portuguese dish, light and tasty.


// Barbara & Christine waiting for lunch and the aftermath when everything was finished.

Javelin Workshop by Evelien

Evelin gave us a Javelin board workshop. The Javelin board is a startup planning tool that helps define the user problem and aids in narrowing down assumptions. It was a bit confusing because we knew so little about our topics.

// Thinking about how we should define our hypothesis


Design Method Toolkit

This week we met with Wouter Meys. He is the coördinator of the Citizen Data Lab, our project partner. We had a very interesting talk about the energy transition in the Netherlands (Amsterdam in particular) and how they want to empower the 1% to lead this change from using natural gas to green energy. We prepared a stakeholders map to take to this meeting and discuss where all the stakeholders have a place. 
// Selected cards from the Design Method Toolkit we think are interesting for our research


More next time…

Nour & Barbara

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