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On the grey and snowy morning of Wednesday 8th, we met at one of the recycling facilities of the municipality of Amsterdam, in the south of the city.



We met¬†Anita Numan, Nove and Ruben, who are¬†working at the local government of Amsterdam in different fields such as urban¬†planning and sustainability or innovation projects and are going to be our partners during this project. We exchanged the insights that we had been gathering during the first week with the several workshops and we¬†started to have a clearer idea of what is the PROBLEM, at least, from the municipality¬īs perspective.


…And we started to realise that it is going to be one of those wicked problems



The municipality


We discussed about whether the points would actually be able to handle a 100% city usage load. They’re only open from 9-5 on Mon-Saturday, so is only on Saturdays when most of the people are actually available to use the waste points. We also did a bit of brainstorming unconsciously around the idea of gamification, what if you earned points with bringing the trash to the correct waste collection points?


¬†“How do we get people here, and keep them here?” ¬†¬†Ruben

¬†“No city in the world is particularly awesome in this problem. Let‚Äôs make Amsterdam the first then” ¬†Nove

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