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Maker Sprint

confession bin

The Maker Sprint started with a deadline already!! In two days we had to formulate and define the PROBLEMS and make a prototype.

As Loes, our coach for this Maker Sprint said “The problem is to find the right problem”

So… What is the real problem? The citizens and the other users of the city don’t have a common education that shows respect for the city and its environment, but also the municipality is not the great example of communication. There is a wide sector of the population that can’t access the waste collection points, and the urban planning of the city doesn’t contemplate the integration of them in the current organisation.

So after 7h of nonstop talking, researching, arguing and agreeing, we ended up with the idea of a prototype… can you guess it?


A confessional is a box, cabinet, or stall in which the priest in Christian churches sits to hear the confessions of penitents.  Change the priest for a bright screen (that enlights you with a very personal questionaire) and change the christian church for a very very dirty street in Amsterdam. That is the Confession Bin.

The confession bin acts in two very important moments of the bulky waste process. Imagine yourself buying new furniture in IKEA, imagine yourself now that before paying anything, you have to enter a nice but misterious black cabin. There, you will face a personal talk that will make you rethink about your waste:

confession bin 3

Imagine now that you are moving out, everything is a big mess, and after spending two or three days carrying your heavy old couch that doesn´t mean anything more to you. You´ve thought about selling it at the Marktplaats but it seems too slow, you´ve thought of just giving it to a friend but anyone seems to need an old couch. The recycling attempt only lasts for 5 min in your mind; only thinking about trying to go to the waste collection point 5 km away and rent a car seems impossible.

Then, you do it, you put your old in the street. Close to some trash containers, just in case.


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