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The first week

In our first week, we got to know each other.
We are Leon, Bea, Kazumitsu, Raquel and Max, the next 20 weeks, we’ll be working on finding ways to get people to not just dump their trash on the streets.

On our first day we mostly just talked about ourselves, getting to know each other.

The second day was action right away. We teamed up and worked with little-bits, basically circuitry-lego, and we made a prototype of what could possibly have been the problem. We built the WifI’m full bin. A bin with a sensor that knows when it’s full, and then transmits this information to a network, on which an app would tell citizens what bins nearby are full (so they know not to go there), and also tell the municipality what bins are full, so they know which ones to empty. It could also keep track of all the data, to eventually make predictions about whether or not bins would be full.
Of course, our little prototype couldn’t do all that, it could only tell whether or not it was full.

bin bot


On the third day we started on our user scene. We did all the filming in Osdorp. It was pretty tough to find garbage.IMG_3786


On the fourth day we did all the editing for the user scene, as well as creating a flag for our team. We presented both.IMG_3870


The fifth day, the last day of the first week, we wrote breakup letters to apps we hated, we made baloon-decorations with letters, and made a bridge from small wooden sticks.
After that, we worked a bit on preparations for the following day, in which we’d have a meeting with our partner, the municipality of Amsterdam.IMG_3886

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