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Baggage Reclaim

How to change behavior and experience around the baggage reclaim belt of Schiphol Airport




“Small interventions can make a big difference”









For this sprint, we had the chance to participate in a Lego Serious Play workshop held by Katinka Bergema, a design researcher from TU Delft.

The intention of the Workshop was to make the problem around the baggage reclaim area tangible, and set out our visions separately and together. To form a whole together. To see if new ideas come to light and situations haven’t thought of yet.

unknown-5_720-copyAfter getting to know how to work with Lego, we started by constructing individually our current vision of the baggage reclaim area. For example, Adinda put on the left side of her display animals representing passengers behaviors in the reclaim area. They are all pushing each others in order to get their baggage as fast as they can. On the right side, she made her ideal version of the reclaim area. Passengers are humans again and behaving consciously. The pink cake represents the product the team could make to enhance the passenger experience in the baggage reclaim are.

For Tomoko, the figure in the center embodies the current baggage reclaim situation : he is trapped by a web in front of the belt as the passengers. They can’t move freely as all their attention is focused constantly on the belt. Around, she displayed her ideal version of the baggage reclaim experience : passengers have a playful and relaxed moment while they still can have a look on their baggages from higher seats.

The next step was to put together all our ideal version in one setting. This step was quite complex ; we all had to make compromises to combine our ideas and propose one unique and homogeneous version.
Sometimes for this you need to see things from another perspective…

And small changes can make a big difference.



For example, by removing the crowns we put on the top of each figures and adding hat or ponytail instead, the atmosphere of the baggage reclaim changed completely. By putting crowns, we wanted to make passengers valued but at the same time, they were all looking the same and not individual anymore. With different hairstyles, we managed to make them all different and valued as an individual.



We finally agreed on this last display combining all our ideals but also adding new ideas such as fluorescent pin points driving the passengers attention out of the belt and proposing an alternative and more individualized flow. We also added an after-baggage reclaim area to propose a more extended and complete version of our display.

The final step was to put small green flags on each element a team member thinks he/she can add value or expertise.

This workshop was a really nice and intense moment for our team. It helped us to visualize while playing how we can impact on the baggage reclaim current situation and to verbalize while making our own understanding and ideal version of the area.


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