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Baggage Reclaim

How to change behavior and experience around the baggage reclaim belt of Schiphol Airport




 “An assumption is quickly made, it is often very hard to determine the facts when you don’t have all the figures.”

After an intense makersprint, we started our first sprint by discovering our research field : the Schiphol baggage reclaim. First by questioning what is the process the baggage has to go through until the passenger takes it home. During a visit to the baggage reclaim, where we where separated by the glass wall, we observed Arrival hall 1 & 2.

During this first visit, we noticed that the passengers really enjoy this transparent wall as it helps them to communicate with the people waiting for them outside making the waiting experience feel shorter. Following this visit we decided to set our first sprint goal :

To reach this goal, we needed to know on which part of the process we can make a change and which parts are untouchable.

Also it was important for us to have an view of who our target group is and if we can divide them into groups.


Proud of our posters, one question was resonating in our minds : Are those persona really representing the passengers ? More important, who are they really ?

So, only one way to know, let’s meet them within the baggage reclaim!

Soon after, we figured out that getting into the baggage reclaim area won’t be a piece of cake and we should find a creative way to get insights from passengers without interviewing them within the baggage reclaim and asking specific questions about Schiphol.

Thus, we improved out boardgames and implemented three new cards :

  • the emotion card; the players have to circle an emotion that links to their current feelings of the reclaim experience.
  • the description card; in one word the players have to describe how they feel about the waiting in the reclaim area.
  • the maker card; the players have to make a quick sketch


With the help of these additional cards, the player reminds and documents quickly and playfully his past experience as a passenger in the baggage reclaim.




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