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Baggage Reclaim

How to change behavior and experience around the baggage reclaim belt of Schiphol Airport




“Understanding the passengers emotions and behaviours is essential to know what are their needs and concerns”

After this first sprint, we were really in need to get into passengers mind and to gather meaningful insights. To better understand our users, we first started by mapping their concerns. With the help of an empathy map, we synthesized our observations and draw out (eventually) unexpected insights.


After this creative session, we felt the insights we gathered were a lot based on assumptions. Indeed thoughts, beliefs, feelings or emotions cannot be collected by observations.


In order to gain concrete insights, we led two field surveys : one within the baggage reclaim and another outside at the Schiphol Plaza. In addition to the field researches, we also created a digital survey to reach a larger number of people and see if the temporality had an impact on the answers contents.

Surprisingly people we interviewed at Schiphol tend to have an overall good experience of the baggage reclaim process that they judge fast, functionnal and efficient. However, the answers from the digital survey were more reserved and also more detailed. From this results, we understood that the passengers we interviewed in Schiphol were willing to answer as they were living a good experience. The one who were experiencing stress or anxiety probably refused.

At the end of the sprint, we had a behavioral lenses session to see if we could approach the project from another angle. Basically there are two types of behaviour conscious and unconscious behaviour, the one we want to target on the next sprint is the unconscious behaviour of queuing, following the stream and waiting around the belt. 

Insight: Positive / Negative is a result and to conceptual to use as a foundation for a product or service.





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