Matches 1-4 of 4 with brainstorm

Empathy in action

1. Analyze data that the team has gathered. 2. Do a brainstorm on how to make people that are completely unfamiliar with the topic, quickly understand and empathize with the problem. 3. Develop a quick prototype of a physical experience and test it within your own team. 4. Collect feedback, and use what you have… Read more »

Problem tree

1. Brainstorm a list of design problems and write them down. 2. Sort the list by importance or degree of abstraction. 3. Write down the main problem close to the core branch, write the sublevel problems as branches of the problems they are related to.

Prototype for empathy

1. Identify specific aspects of a user experience that the team might not have clarity on. 2. Do a brainstorm on how to understand the possible problems the user might face. 3. Develop a quick prototype and test it among the design team. 4. Collect all insights into a list, use those insights to refine… Read more »

Brain writing

1. Recruit a team that will be part of the brainwriting session. 2. Arrange a space and materials needed for the session. 3. As a moderator, organize the participants and define the problem. 4. Each participant brainstorms 3 solutions in 2 minutes in written form. 5. After 2 minutes, ask participants to pass the sheet… Read more »