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Playful Learning


Dennis Reep
Jill de Rooij
Anne de Bode
Alexander Sommers

Commissioner: Stichting Orion


How can hybrid games & physical exercise help special needs students in the ages of 12-20 years old collaborate better and build more trust in themselves and others to become more independent? A project in collaboration with Orion and Lectorate Games & Play.

Boobytrap Hotel

Playful Learning from Jill de Rooij on Vimeo.

The Boobytrap Hotel is one big place with all sorts of obstacles and movements. The place makes you feel like dancing, just like in the movie Grease. The different band rolls are very funny to walk on. You can slide over them really fast, walk towards the different direction so you stay in the same place or you let the moving objects guide you forward.

Bodystorm – Music Quiz

Quiz – TV series of the 90’s

In this quiz I was the quizmaster and Anne, Jill, Alexander and Dennis were contesters.
In this music quiz 12 theme songs were being played out and the contesters could write the name of music of the series they thought they heard on a piece of paper. After each song they held their answer they wrote down on the paper in the air so that everybody could see what they thought the answer was. If someone gave the right answer he/she would get a point. The main goal was to score as much points as possible and ofcourse to have as much fun as you could possibly have.

The theme songs that were being played out were of the TV series:
– Alfred Jodocus Kwak
– Pokémon
– Tom & Jerry
– Woody Woodpecker
– The Adams Family
– Johnny Bravo
– Maya de Bij
– Niels Holgerson
– Inspector Gadget
– Skippy
– Rescue Rangers
– Pink Panther

The contesters thought the fun parts about the quiz were:
+ All competitors were motivated to get the answer right.
+ If you were a competitor and you knew the song it was also fun to see if the others knew the song.
+ Nostalgia.
+ The subject was suitable for everybody who was in the game.
+ A music quiz is very alive. This was considered much more fun by some of the contesters than a normal quiz withhout music.

The things the contesters weren’t that psyched about were:
– The speed rate in answering didn’t result in extra points, what was disappointing for the people who knew the answers very quickly.
– It’s only fun to play this game once.

Preparing our first user test

Schermafbeelding 2015-03-02 om 15.23.31

Schermafbeelding 2015-03-02 om 16.34.51

First teeny tiny talk

“Miss (Anne)! I heard you’re making a game? I watched Jeugdjournaal and they made a game with math!”

You like games?


And math?

“Yes! Learning while playing a game is very cool.”

So you like playing?

“Yes, I’m always alone during recess listening to music but I want to play with other kids.”


“I really, really like that you’ll make a game for our school, we’re very lucky! It is cool.”


“Miss!? Can I call you miss? Or aren’t you a teacher?”

I’m not a teacher, but if you want you can call me miss, or Jill.

Then I’ll call you miss because I really like that.”

What is your name?

I’m Santoshi and you probably won’t believe me if I say I’m 17 years old, the 24th of march is my birthday.”

My birthday is a month later! You having a big party when you’re 18?

Cool! Yes, I’m having a party. I really like listening to Nick & Simon. And I secretly listen to Kabouter Plop..”

Draai een keer in het rond!

“I really like that one!”

Me too..