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Playful Learning


Dennis Reep
Nick Bijl
Jill de Rooij
Anne de Bode
Alexander Sommers

Commissioner: Stichting Orion


How can hybrid games & physical exercise help special needs students in the ages of 12-20 years old collaborate better and build more trust in themselves and others to become more independent? A project in collaboration with Orion and Lectorate Games & Play.

Weekly Gameplay Insight – Week 8

Game: Classroom 2

Today I played the game Classroom 2. This game is about cheating on multiple tests. Your main goal is to do so without the teacher noticing. Together with a few classmates you have to steal exams and sabotage equipment of the teacher. The story where this game is built upon is really entertaining. Even though the graphics aren’t good at all, the game keeps you hooked because of the various levels and the funny storyline. Usually, at least in the beginning stages of the game, the teacher moves around in a certain loop. Because the teachers’ line of sight constantly keeps changing you can take advantage of this by staying out of the line of sight, consult the notes of your comrades and get back in your seat without getting caught.

+ Many levels and clear goals within these levels.
+ Funny sounds when the teacher is talking.
+ Simple game. Not hard to understand.
+ Build-up in difficulty in the game is well done.

– Can be frustrating when you keep getting caught by the teacher. The level isn’t going to get easier, even if you have played that level 100 times.
– In some of the levels you have to move very quick to reach your goal. Sometimes it seems like you just can’t make it and this is very demotivating to play the game.

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