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Entrepreneurship College: Good Health and Well-Being

A small wrap-up of an impact-full talk.

Venue: Amsterdam Venture Studios – Amstelcampus
Date: 08/02/2018
Time: 16:00—18:00
Issue: Sustainable Development Goals #3 Good Health and Well Being

The critical issues pertaining to health were brought to notice by two folks—one of them works with Red Cross and the other has a virtual reality medical startup. (pardon my inability to grasp names, because of difference in the accent of English here—soon will understand faster :D)

Without going into the nitty-gritty’s of what was spoken, I will try to sum-up what i took back from the talk.

The talk started with “why should we care?”. This question just triggered my mind, and it was stuck in there for the 90 minutes to follow. Both the speakers put stress on the importance of looking at opportunities rather than the constraints. As well as, when releasing any innovation to the market, it is important to be aware of the timing. Because of the technological advancements of the last few years and years to follow, we can now bridge the gap between here and there much easier. This way we can share knowledge from all across the world—working local, seeking global.

While the Red Cross works with a plethora of volunteers (+ the resulting domino effect: an act of one person inspiring others). Helping bring change through the power of numbers. The Virtual Reality start-up wished to empower people in the field of medicine. Doctors, nurses etc. can with technology driven information, render their services more efficiently—making use of the available data in different ways. Both the speakers stressed on the critical issues pertaining to health that lie ahead of us, mediating the issues in their own ways.

There seemed to be no right solution, but multiple solutions to navigate the challenges that confront humanity as a whole. The larger climate of politics and policy making, can seem overwhelming—we could perhaps all do one small step.

We are all part of the same fabric and are connected with one another. Integrating the right kind of resources (information/knowledge/data) with relevant technology, can perhaps help bring small changes to the bigger world. 🙂

p.s: thanks to tamara for sharing the link for the conference.
p.p.s: super thanks to dylan for quick edits.
p.p.p.s: will try to have a more visual wrap-up (with images) next time around.


Falling in Love with the Problem

We made something to stimulate discussion about how different it is for blind children to play with toys and the challenges they’re facing. We made a puzzle where people have to fit pieces into holes with the same shape while blindfolded. When the puzzle is finished the pieces form the sentence ‘taken for granted’. This is to make people aware about that they take their eyesight for granted, but that it isn’t for everyone. This is doable when you have sight, but when you can’t see it become’s a lot harder to finish. We want people to experience the frustration about being blind. We hope people will start discussing about the challenges afterwards.

falling in love with the problem: visual update

few images from the day at the maker lab today.
details on the process via text soon…