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Games 4 Health

What motivates people in their 20s to improve their amount of physical activity in a Dutch urban environment?


Rick Borgeld

Interaction Designer / Researcher

Paula Barreto

Marketeer/ researcher

Karen de Graaf


Suzanne Tromp




Unfortunately, it’s the end

Since last friday we have been working on the design, some small changes in the code, cables of LumiMate and the presentation. They were, again, some super busy days, but we managed to finish everything for Wednesday the 22nd.

The final presentations were amazing! Everybody together, totally prepared to proudly present their products and results from 20 weeks of work. It was great. All the guests were excited as well, we all had an incredible night.

To show you a little bit of our stand during the night, here are some pictures.


And this was our final video, the LumiMate promotion video, for the presentation and to show our work to everyone.

As we said, unfortunately, the 22nd was also a sign that the end was near. We are now just finishing some documents and details, and that will be it. It has been an amazing experience for all of us, so it is hard to say goodbye.

But first we want to say a big THANK YOU, to everybody that, somehow, was part of this semester and this project, and another big thanks to Marco, that was our coach the entire process.

Hope you all enjoyed our final product as much as we do!

Xoxo, Games4Health


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