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Games 4 Health

What motivates people in their 20s to improve their amount of physical activity in a Dutch urban environment?


Rick Borgeld

Interaction Designer / Researcher

Paula Barreto

Marketeer/ researcher

Karen de Graaf


Suzanne Tromp




“De laatste loodjes”

First of all: Happy New Year! (yes we are still allowed to say this)

It has been a busy couple of weeks. The first prototype was finished, but when we tested it, we discovered quite some bugs. Although Karen was able to fix some bugs, our programmer is going to work on them this week, so everything will be ready for the FINAL presentations next week. Yes, NEXT WEEK.

And…tatatataaa, we came up with a name! Meet LumiMate, the small interactive screen that reminds you to take a small break from time to time. Because, “a simple move can change everything”.

We hired a friend from HKU to create a video about the LumiMate, explaining how it works. We are really excited to work with him, as his drawings and style fit really well with our product.

This week will be about preparing for the final presentation, and finishing the final paper. We are going to design our own pillows for the officechairs and the frames for the LumiMate need to be finished too. Also, we are going to meet our partner for the last time. Since he is not able to attend the final presentations, we will do a separate presentation for him to show the LumiMate.

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