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Sound and Vision


Aniek Breevoort
Valentina Sierra
Dimitra Kousteridou
Manolis Fragkiadakis
Pradeep Siddappa



Sprint 4

For sprint 4, our main goal was to create a game design document as a framework for our end prototype, different prototypes with different kinds of interaction and test various specific elements.
We were also looking to define the story of our game, what is the dilemma at the end of it and ways of making it more interesting. For that reason we made a broad board game research and also created multiple prototypes that have different forms of interaction or implementation , so we would be able to reflect on them and suggest different choices to Sound and Vision.

Game Design Document
In order to create a Game Design Document and get more insights, we have invited and talked to various game experts and media Lab designers to understand and create manuals for collaborative and competitive games.

After we have tested how users rate different kinds personal data order to have this information ready to implement in our end prototype. We then created a different board game scenario and proceeded with testing.
We tried to play the game with projection mapping, but this did not work out since the map was to small and we did not have the right resources.

Paper prototype

Later on, we tested on visitors , with the game mechanics of our paper prototype , a monopoly-like board game, investigating on what board strategy should we use, how do users like to interact and how they give/enter their personal data?


For the next sprint we will try to better define our gameplay and we will start building the game digitally.

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