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The Maker’s sprint, a big week full of updates!

This is the second blog post, continuing from Last blog.

The Userscene is live! A laser engraved board game, Pie and a cool lecture about defining intentions, lets check it out!


These weeks so far have been great. Time went by pretty quickly and the team has a lot to share with the rest of you out there, so lets get to it! The team started last week with a big workshop about how to approach problems. Specifically ‘Wicked’ problems, but more about that later!

We uploaded the Userscene video to YouTube:

Maker’s Sprint

The Maker’s Sprint was about cooking up physical products in a short amount of time using advanced tools such as Laser Cutters, engraving, 3d Printing and a lot more!

We started off brainstorming about tools that can help us in our research on the project. We had many interesting ideas but decided to make two of them a reality. These were a boardgame and the researchtool: Pie.


Below you can see a picture of the final board game that Fons, Mike and Jesse made. The aim of the game was for three players to race to the endgoal: their flight. Each player used a string to navigate through a stylized representation of schiphol. Along the way several objectives/situations forced the player to make a detour. The game was well received by the audience although it had some small flaws, like the thread cluttering, and a few balancing issues for the action cards.


So what is Pie? And no- not that pie.

Pie is an innovative design prototype made by Loraine and Johanna for interacting with customers, asking them questions and retrieving their information in a fun way. For the user it is supposed to not feel like asking direct questions. We outline a situation and the user, using the paper pieces,  makes a pie of emotions. This gives us a great way to visualize the users mindset.

It is a Win-Win situation.


After presenting the board game the session continued with playtesting our products. The essential elements were to design a prototype, execute it with advanced tools and then present it in an experimential way to a group of people to provoke questions about the subject of the prototype. For the board game it was a way to make the player interact with the A to B flight process.


Defining Intentions

The MediaLAB teams were joined by the PublisherLAB team and enjoyed a talk by¬†Mr.Mullholland. He talked about ‘Defining Intentions’. It was a great subject. Jesse was very interested in his story and took some¬†notes. If you would like to learn more about defining intentions have a look here! Link


BagPortr Meeting


Later we attended a meeting with BagPortr to understand more about the process of finding inspiration and finding the right target group for our own project. It was very interesting to see what research they had already done on the subject and it gave us a great kick-off for a brainstorming session. But more about that in the next blog!

That’s it for now!

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them down below.



Jesse Klijn,

Team Schiphol

Content Creator and Programmer


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