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The First Week

20170202_153848I say this for all of us from Team Schiphol, it has really been an exciting week.


We began on wednesday with our Pecha Kucha presentations.

For all of us it was the first time presenting in this kind of format.

The presentation was for a new audience, being all of the interns and coaches at MediaLAB.

So everyone took turns and it was fun to see how everyone had a different presentation.

Some were really professional and astonishing, while others took a more simplistic approach, thus resulting in so many variations.

We took a tour around the campus, apart from Jesse as he had to take an exam.

Though from what I have heard it was fun and useful to see all the locations that could help us while we proceed in our exciting project for Schiphol.

Only to have a celebration of our new companionship as interns all together, it was fun.


Tinkering was so much fun and before we knew it, it was already over.


Seriously, there were so many cool constructions, we can’t even begin describing what they all were.

But we have made a few pictures, which we would really recommend you to watch, it will be great.

The Tinkering-Workshop also had an assignment in which we created a Paper-Prototype for a possible shop interface.

We came up with the idea to have a shop at the airport that delivers your purchased item at your destination. That quickly escalated into a lot of questions.

Which we will discuss in later periods of this blog, concluding this post for now.

But don’t worry, we will continue updating our work on this blog, scheduled to release a sneak peek about our User Scene, we will talk all about that soon, until then stay sharp!


Jesse Klijn,

Team Schiphol

Content Creator and Programmer


20170202_111318 20170202_111312 20170202_09542520170202_140820

Friday | Febuary 3rd 2017

User scene day!

Friday was the first day we got to go out and create on our own terms. We had to produce a “user scene” for next Monday. A user scene is an attempt at visualising (part of) your target group in order to get a better understanding of said group for yourself and for your client.

We decided to make a film around the experience of two travelers, one with many bags and one without any bags. To best visualise this we had to go to our client: Schiphol airport. With the limitation of not being able to get past security yet we were limited to the entrance hall, shops and check-in area of the airport.

After a slow start in “El Tutti” with a croissant and tea we started filming the various scenes we needed. We started with the arrival of the travelers by train. This meant hastily shoving luggage on arriving trains only to take them back out. So a few confused train conductors later we had what we needed.


We continued by filming in the entrance hall, the toilets, the check in area and finished with some shots at the Starbucks where Mike ordered by a very eccentric name. We laid out the basic storyline in preparation for Monday and Johanna, who lives in Colombia, learnt about the strange Dutch custom of putting chocolate sprinkles on bread for breakfast.

IMG-20170204-WA0004 (1)

Fons Martens,

Team Schiphol

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