It was the beginning of the fall semester at MediaLAB Amsterdam for all of us. It was exciting, fun filled and overwhelming to start the internship program. We took part in workshops on various brainstorming techniques and design processes. We participated along with everyone irrespective of the teams. Here we engaged in team building activities. We were engrossed in the activities trying to understand each other’s pace. We wrote a breakup letter to a technological invention and blew many balloons. We made bridges from barbecue sticks between two tables without any support from the table itself! To make us understand about ‘Tinkering’, we had a workshop wherein we all had to make something creative from random stuff and one electronic component. All our tasks were timed. It was to encourage competitive spirit and act fast motto.

During these activities we were also introduced to the SCREAM and SCRUM agile processes. SCREAM is a structured new approach for T shaped professionals in multidisciplinary design projects. SCRUM is a subset of Agile process in which every Sprint that is an iterative cycle will be ending with a minimum viable product as a deliverable.

Andrew and Camila finishing the activity in the SCRUM workshop.

Everyone engaged in the tinkering workshop.

Tamara -one of the project coaches in MediaLab Amsterdam- is explaining the workshop.

Andrew is reading out loud his breakup letter to one of the apps he dislikes.

In the above workshop we were suppose to participate as teamKLM2017. This workshop was to make each other well acquainted within the team.

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