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Winning way of working


James Joyce
Kazuhide Shibata

KAZUHIDE SHIBATA is Designer of a team at Media Lab Amsterdam. He is intersted in design of gaming(VR and AR), digital performance technology, and Film. KAZUHIDE is a 4-grade student of Kyushu University, Visual Communication Design. He made some movies and Graphic design for entertainment or promotion. He also believe that new style visual experiences give people live happiness and impression.

Suzanne Klooster
Sebastian Langer

Sebastian is a designer, he likes that. He also likes other stuff like: future foods, future living, in general all thats new and pushing limits. At Medialab he works together with the rest of the team to the Winnin Way of Working, a project from KLM. How can we make employees feel purpose in their work? Take a look at his webpage to see previous projects: SEBLANGER

Mackenzie Orr

Mackenzie is a researcher and aspiring designer working on a five-person team at the MediaLAB Amsterdam. She believes that color, new media, and design are invaluable to the human experience. Mackenzie is a master’s graduate of the University of Amsterdam with a degree in Sociology: Social Problems and Social Policy. She has previously researched and written about Pokémon Go Related Interactions, Perceptions, and Uses of Urban Public Space. LinkedIn

Commissioner: KLM


The mission of KLM is to deliver the best possible travel experience for their passengers. In order for her employees to achieve that, KLM wants her employees to be happy and really feel why their contribution matters. You will co-create prototypes & services to create a work environment where all KLM employees experience well-being and purpose on a daily basis.

Prototypes ready for liftoff in 3… 2…

So by now we have already finished our 2nd sprint and are now going head first into our 3rd sprint. Now I would like to talk about what we have been doing so far: We gained access to KLM Headquarters for 4 straight days! This was very helpful since that’s where our end user, the employees of KLM, is located. Big plans were made and the entire group was ambitious, as always.

We aimed to make the employees feel more connected to KLM, and we did that by testing ideas to see which one works the best.

This sprint, we tested 4 prototypes that were based on the idea that data can be used to make you feel more connected to the work you do at KLM. Even though the prototypes looked funny, people were very much interested in our ideas and gave us valuable feedback.



We also conducted 9 qualitative interviews with employees from KLM by using the Visual Ideation Toolkit (VIT). People were really excited and motivated to share their experiences in such a visual and interactive way.IMG_1768IMG_1764


We had been trying to get access to KLM’s HQ since the beginning of this project, and now we had it.

The whole group really liked the concept of making prototypes to facilitate a conversation or test ideas. So this sprint was a massive boost for our process and for our research.

As you might have noticed, we now have a lot of data that needs to be processed. For now we will be secluded at MediaLAB, where we will analyze all of the findings that we gained and make sense of it. So long!

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