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Interactive Cinema


Nour Tanak

Communication & Multimedia Design, HR

Shenyu Zhang

UI/UX Design, Kyushu University

Sammie de Vries

Psychology at the UvA

Nick Valk

Game Design, HvA

Leon van Oord

Media en Cultuur, UvA



User Test

During sprint 2, we did tons of research work and a user test on interactive storytelling. By using the user test, we tried to figure out the advantage and disadvantage of first, second and third person perspectives. Also we tried to find out pro’s and con’s on different story structures and visual effects.

Preparation for user test

Preparation for user test

Besides these, we used hotspots in our demo movies. A hotspot is something that if you interactive with, you will receive anĀ appropriate feedback. For example, in Date Scene, one of our demo movie, if you stared at sky when hearing somebody talking about the weather, it will turn to rain. We are going to use this idea to add interactive elements into our final project.

Depends on the result of user test, we found out that using visual effects in filmed footage is a good option, and timing of hotspots needs intricate planning. furthermore, sound setup for narration is not that technically demanding. We are trying to use these results to improve our final project’s user experience.

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