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Interactive Cinema


Nour Tanak

Communication & Multimedia Design, HR

Shenyu Zhang

UI/UX Design, Kyushu University

Sammie de Vries

Psychology at the UvA

Nick Valk

Game Design, HvA

Leon van Oord

Media en Cultuur, UvA



Workshop tinkering and prototyping

Today we had a workshop about tinkering and prototyping. We made a cardboard oculus rift and acted out a murder mystery scene. When the user put on our paper prototype, he was transported to our “virtual reality.”

We started out by asking our test subject to put on our paper prototype and then told him he was being transported to our “Virtual Reality”. Our test subject could activate certain characters in the scene by looking at them for a certain amount of time. The character would then relay a message regarding the murder. When our test subject heard all the messages, he had to point out the murderer. We found this to be a great way to test out scene’s for the Oculus and we will probably use it in the future.

Acting out the scene felt a lot like theater play. Theater is actually the medium that lies closest to virtual reality at the moment. It deals with a lot of the same problems, one of them being the freedom to look around you. It’s the director’s job to direct the attention of the audience to the desired location.

We will have to do the same thing in our VR movie, in order to prevent the user missing important events around him.



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