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Interactive Cinema


Nour Tanak

Communication & Multimedia Design, HR

Shenyu Zhang

UI/UX Design, Kyushu University

Sammie de Vries

Psychology at the UvA

Nick Valk

Game Design, HvA

Leon van Oord

Media en Cultuur, UvA



User scene

What is a user scene
As a first assignment we made a user scene, a short movie that depicts a day in the life of some of the problems of our target audience.

User Case Interactive Cinema from MediaLAB Amsterdam on Vimeo.


User Scene explanation
We know it looks a little rough, but we think the message is quite clear.
It’s about two young adults who are fed up with the current style of storytelling. While they are watching the first movie they are still gripped by the story, but they soon lose interest. We’re not saying that movies can’t grip an audience anymore, however we think it’s getting harder and harder to impress the current generation. We are ready for something new and we think virtual reality(VR) could be the answer. 


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